Friday, January 31, 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014 Adidas Jersey Font

Adidas is providing the kits for Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, Spain and Sweden. Adidas used a single font on the jersey of all their sponsored teams during the 2010 World Cup and that practice will continue for the World Cup 2014. 

The font contains 160 characters which includes two sets of numbers (shadow and foreground); all the letters, including accents, in the Latin-1 codepage; and, several punctuations and symbols. The font is available in both Open Type and True Type font formats. 

This font uses two characters to simulate the 3D effect in the original design. The instructions on how to do this is found here.

A preview font, in both OTF and TTF, with very limited glyph set is available for download to give you a chance to test the font. The instructions on how to get the full font is indicated in the copyright field of the preview font and in a text file included in the preview font download pack.

Download the preview font here.

Click on the SKIP AD button when you get to the linked page. The button is shown, after a short delay, near the upper right corner of the page. A click on the SKIP AD button starts the font download.

Hope you like my font.

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