Saturday, April 23, 2016

Nike 2016 Football Jersey Font

Nike came out with a new font for Euro 2016 as well as for use by other federations that it sponsors. The font will be used on the jerseys of Australia, Brazil, Croatia, England, France, Greece, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia among others.

Note: The font was updated on April 25, 2016. Those who got the complete font before April 25, 2016 were sent a copy of the updated font to the email address that was used in the PayPal transaction. Please get in touch with me at if you did not receive the updated font.

The Nike 2016 font contains uppercase letters, numbers and some symbols. The font has accented letters or diacritics for West, Central and East European languages. The numbers do not have the federation crests. There are two set of numbers - solid and outlined numbers. The outlined numbers are in the number positions and the solid numbers are in the shift+number positions. The characters in the font are (shown here in Verdana):

A preview/demo font with very limited glyph set is available for download to give you a chance to see if the font serves your needs. The instructions on how to get the full/complete font is indicated in the copyright field of the preview font and in a text file included in the preview font download pack.

Download the preview font here or here or here

Hope you like my font.

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