Friday, September 11, 2015

Manchester United UEFA Champions League 2015/2016 Jersey Font

The kits of Manchester United for the 2015/2016 season is provided by Adidas. Manchester United plays in the English Premier League and on the UEFA Champions League. Manchester United is using a bespoke font for its European games.

The Manchester United font only contains uppercase letters, numbers, a Mc ligature and a period. Diacritics are not present on the jersey of Manchester United players.

The Mc ligature (like the one used in McNAIR) is generated by using the @ key. It can also be generated by typing the letters M and C in uppercase, lowercase or combinations (MC, Mc, mC, mc) in programs that are capable of accessing OpenType features. Both the TTF and OTF versions of the font contain OpenType coding for the Mc ligature.

A preview/demo font with very limited glyph set is available for download to give you a chance to see if the font serves your needs. The instruction on how to get the full/complete font is indicated in the copyright field of the preview font and in a text file included in the preview font download pack.

Download the preview font here or here or here.

Click on the SKIP AD button when you get to the linked page. The button is shown, after a short delay, near the upper right corner of the page. A click on the SKIP AD button starts the font download.

Hope you like my font.

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