Thursday, June 19, 2014

How to use the Real Madrid 2014/2015 font

The font used on the jersey of Real Madrid for the 2014/2015 season has highlights for a 3D effect that could not be implemented as is due to limitations of a digital font. However, it could be done by using two characters to emulate the effects used on the jersey fon. To make this work, the program where you will use the font must support either layers or kerning. Fortunately, professional grade graphics programs support layers as well as kerning. 

The Real Madrid 2014/15 season font has the base characters and highlights as separate glyphs. The base letters on the lowercase positions, and the numbers and symbols on their normal positions. The highlights for letters (including accented letters) are found in the uppercase (capitals) positions while those for numbers and symbols are on the Shift-character positions. 

Using layers 

The use of layers seem to be the simplest way to do this but it will take a lot of effort to do. Here's how:

  1. Create a layer, set your text color and size, and enter the text.
  2. Create a new layer on top of the first, set the color of the highlight and its size, and enter the same text but this time press the Shift key while typing your text. If pressing shift-letter produce the normal letters, check if the Caps Lock key is enabled. 

  3. Manually align the text in the two layers. It is not easy to do and tedious, but can be done. 

Using kerning 

Kerning is an information stored in a font used by programs to adjust the distance between two specific characters. This is the easiest way to implement the effect of the Real Madrid font. Unfortunately, not all programs is capable of accessing this information. If your program supports kerning, it will work like magic. What you need to do is:

  • Set the color of the text and its size. Type a letter, number or symbol. 
  • Set the color of the highlight and use the same size. Press the Shift key and hold it down while typing a letter, number or symbol.

You will notice that the two characters will merge. It will not work if a space or any other character is inserted between a character and its highlight. Also check your program's kerning setting if it overrides the font's kerning. Make sure that yuor program's kerning setting is set to metrics.

Download the Real Madrid 2014/15 font


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